Quick Responsive Support Is The Prime Concern Of Our Maintenance Team



The maintenance & spare parts division is considered one of the most important divisions in Orascom Trading which is under steady advanced studies & planning to cope with the continuous International technological development .


Orascom Trading is very keen on the continuous improvement of this division in order to meet the highest standard of customer service both before and after sales.


Customer benefit is the core around which revolves our continuous efforts


Our team with our highly qualified engineers & technicians had gone through a series of training programs both inside & outside Egypt in order to reach the highest level of expertise that makes them eligible to deal with regular maintenance or any emergency that might arises.


Our division is also equipped with the world's most advanced specialized equipment for maintenance service and support program which made it possible for Orascom Trading to grant its own warranty period for all maintenance work for a period of 6 – 12 month.




Maintenance service

Parts service

Training service


bullet Maintenance Service


Our maintenance service is divided into 2 main activities :


Warranty Support

After sales, the maintenance division considers itself fully & solely responsible of the sold machine especially in the warranty period which sometimes reaches two years.


Each sold machine represents a separate entity that deserves all the division care.

A complete record is kept of each machine that has all its related data & its technical specifications.

The machine is then prepared to be delivered to the customer according to the technical conditions of the contract by experimenting and approving its eligibility to be delivered to the customer.

4. The machine is handed over to the customer while providing him with the necessary catalogues for working & maintaining the machine.

Service and Technical Support

Before sales, a series of preliminary studies that assess the customer's actual needs is carried out in order to choose the best machine that covers the customer requirements which reflects positively on the customer as this leads to saving the costs of mechanical installation work & the costs of initialization to the lowest possible levels. This also reflects on the easiness of maintenance work after this which leads to the longest life time of the machine working hours . So, customers needs are optimized through this process which is carried out by a complete team of trained Engineers both inside & outside Egypt . This service is carried out by our company free of charge.


We have scheduled service and inspection of the machines under maintenance contract through regular visits to customers sites as per stated in the contract.


There is an emergency troubleshooting service through which we receive a machine repair request, consequently our team acts by paying an urgent visit at the machine site for its repair. In case of any severe damage, the machine is moved to our workshop for major repair where the equipment is completely examined, checked and returned to its factory specifications.


next blue  Mobile Maintenance units


These units represent a slight image for our workshop where it is equipped with all the necessary equipment and spare parts that facilitate and assist our team to carry out all the necessary repairs at the customer's site.


next blue  Customer Advantages


Maximum equipment performance

Increased productivity and less down time

Budgetary maintenance cost

Less operating cost

Higher resale value

Reduced stress

next blue  Service activities


Following up equipment during warranty period.

Performing maintenance for your equipment at your site through a periodic maintenance contract.

Inspecting your equipment for troubleshooting and advise with the necessary solutions.

Repairing your equipment at your site for minor repairs.

Moving your equipment to one of our service centers for major repair and overhauling

next blue  Technical Publications


Our maintenance division has a huge library which includes all original Technical Publications equipment, CDs and DVDs covering:-


Parts Manuals

Workshop Manuals

Operator Manuals



Parts service

Training service




bullet Parts Service


It is essential to have the correct part to your equipment even if it is an old model, accordingly we have highly adequate warehouses having almost all spare parts needed for all brands of our equipment. We have all kinds of parts you may need for your equipment starting from fast moving parts such as filters , belts till heavy repair parts including engine overhaul parts, bearings, clutches, transmissions, axles parts, seal kits and any other similar parts or major parts.


next blue  Excellent parts availability network


Our maintenance division has several warehouses having an excellent stock of spare parts all over Egypt. Our main warehouse is located in the 6th of October city while other warehouses are located at our branches in El Haram Work Shop, Gisr El Suez Workshop and Alexandria Branches.The above mentioned warehouses are tied together through a computer network which enables our service engineers who are involved in any maintenance operation in locating the needed parts and carrying out all the necessary procedures for its delivery from our warehouses on line.


next Blue  Expert parts personnel


Our parts personnel have the expertise to answer your questions and provide you with solutions for the right part you need using all the updated resources and communication facilities through the computer network and database connected directly to all our agencies through internet to insure fast response to all our customers' requests.



Maintenance service

Training service




 bullet Training


We offer our customers all the recommended training courses to ensure the proper use of machines in their working sites. These courses are carried out by specialized trainers at our main Training Center located in 6th of October city, which has all training facilities or sometimes, upon the customer's request, in the working sites itself.




Maintenance service

Parts service





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