Orascom Trading is the sole agent of Paragon Identification Company in France, one of the most important companies in the field of Magnetic tickets and contactless card.

We are considered as a special supplier to the Egyptian Cairo Metro in the field of Magnetic Tickets and contactless card.


PARAGON is a pioneer in magnetic technology.   As RATP’s supplier for over 100 years, PARAGON uses its expertise to offer customers optimized access control solutions.


Paragon partnerships with the leading systems integrators (XEROX, VIX, Parkeon etc.) combined with Paragon industry experience guarantees the high quality of their products.


Magnetic ticketing remains a reliable and effective solution for access control to secure transport network. PARAGON is committed to this approach by offering reliable products over the long term.


Fanfold, rolled or individual tickets, ISO or Edmonson formats, low or high coercivity… Paragon products can be adapted to the requested needs.